Black Pendant Lights

Step out of the shadows with our collection of black pendant lights - sleek, chic, and effortlessly cool. Crafted from powder-coated black steel, married with glass, they're ready to shine as bright as you'd like. Minimal yet playful, whispering sophistication while screaming fun fun fun. Embrace the dark side, where less is more and style is everything.

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Black Pendant Lights

Black Pendant Lights & Hanging Lamps

Shine a light into the great expanse. Here black doesn't have to be like catching smoke in your hands - it's right at your fingertips. Our collection of black pendant lights is accessible, minimal, and clean. Light and shadow via metal & glass; form and function. Each of our fixtures is LED-illuminated and fit with an understated charm. Unapologetic modernity, just above your head. Whether you're hanging a single lamp over an end table for a minimal moment, or adding an expansive cluster of lights to your entryway, our pendants offer a soft, dimmable glow. They're built to commercial grade, but also perfect for your home. Welcome to a world where simplicity sings as loudly as you'd like.

Absolutely, they're a chameleon! Put a few in your hallway or over a kitchen island; illuminate your dining room; or plant one over a nightstand. Our fixtures are clean and minimal, which makes them quite adaptable. Get creative. Whether you're clustering lights for a bold installation, or looking for softer touch, our lights are ready to shine.

You can get funky with it! Whether it's the relative ease of lamps with a cord suspension or picking the perfect down stem size, customization's just part of the charm of our assortment. Installation's generally a breeze, though giving a nod to an electrician might not be the worst idea (and is certainly recommended). And if you're working with a little less ceiling space, try perusing our assortment of black ceiling flush mounts.

We do have a soft spot for G9, G8, and E26 bulbs. LED bulbs, to be precise. And to make things simple for ya', we include include with each order. It's our little way of saying, "Let there be light — and let it be easy on the eyes - and your electricity bill."

Why choose? Whether it's in the buzz of a commercial setting or the cozy corners of your home, we've got you covered. Our hanging lights are UL Listed and built to commercial grade.

Absolutely! Each pendant comes with LED bulbs. Not only do we love modern lighting, but we also love the planet! Contemporary lighting should be energy efficient (in our humble opinions). So it's our nod to sustainability and style, wrapped up in a bright little package.

All truth here! Get ready to dim the lights - if you want. Or blast it up to full brightness - your choice. All of our light fixtures are fully dimmable and compatible with most wall dimming switches. We like to give you options so you're ready for whatever your mood strikes.

Keeping it simple and regularly using a dry cloth to dust off your lighting does wonders. Chemicals and abrasive cleaners are a big no-no; gentle care for lasting flair.

Well, it's a bit of a spectrum. Depending on the design you choose, the light can range from subtle & sophisticated to brilliant & bold. Rest assured, the specifics of each bulb's brightness await on their respective product pages. Get ready to be enlightened.

Customization Options

At Research.Lighting, we're all about creativity. Whether you want to customize our existing designs or bring a completely new vision to life, we're here to make it happen.