Black Flush Mounts

Meet our black flush mount lights, where minimalism flirts with modernity under the cover of powder-coated black steel and glass. These lamps are the unsung heroes of the ceiling, weaving a playful tale of light and shadow. Light it up or dim it down; they're about adding a dash of drama and a pinch of fun, all while keeping it sleek and chic. Let's turn the everyday into a stage, shall we?

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Black Flush Mounts

Black Flush Mounts & Semi-Flush Mounts

Discover the charm of our black flush mounts, where minimal design meets maximum versatility. Crafted from materials such as powder-coated black steel and frosted glass and assembled in our Brooklyn studio, these lights bring some modern into any space. Especially great for rooms where ceiling height is at a premium, they hug the ceiling tightly, providing light without the intrusion (or protrusion) of a black hanging lamp. Understated, yet playful, they basically work in any room – from a busy kitchen to a moody bedroom. Dim it down and make it yours.

Ah, the technical bit! Each of our black flush mounts is hardwired and primed for an easy installation, sans adventure. However, we do tip our hats to the professionals - and recommend bringing in an electrician to ensure everything is up and running smoothly. Safety first!

Absolutely! Every light in our collection doesn't just shine; it dims. Set the ambiance from dawn till dusk - our lighting is ready to match the mood.

You don't have to choose! Our ceiling lamps are the social butterflies of lighting. UL Listed and built to commercial grade, they dazzle in both residential and commercial spaces. We're ready to light it up anywhere we go.

Yes - we only offer LED flush mounts. That is, all our flush mounts come equipped with LED bulbs. Technically - if you really wanted - you could swap them out for a non-LED bulb. But we like to keep things eco-friendly and there are some lovely LED bulbs on the market.

Brightness is a bit of a personal journey with our collection. Depending on the design, the glow varies. But fear not, each product page is a treasure trove of information, including the lumens of the included bulbs to help you find your light.

Imagine a room. Got it? You can probably use one of our black flush mounts there. :) From the buzz of your kitchen to the calm of your bedroom, these lights are perfect for rooms with ceilings - and some even work as wall lamps!

Our ceiling lights aren't picky but they do have preferences. Depending on the fixture, they partner up with G9, G8, or E26 bulbs. And because we're all about bright ideas, we include LED bulbs with every order so you can light up your space, not your electricity bill. More info on the types of bulbs needed and the brightness of the included bulbs can be found on each product page.

Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it saucey. Ok, maybe not the last one. A dry cloth is your best friend here. As tempting as it may be to go full cleaning warrior, leave the chemicals and abrasive cleaners out of this dance. A gentle wipe now and then keeps the glow unhindered and your lights in the limelight.

Customization Options

We welcome your creative spirit - whether it's making a subtle change to an existing designs or bringing an entirely unique vision to life, we're here to make it happen.