Nickel Pendant Lights

Nickel pendant lights are where timeless design meets contemporary flair. These pieces radiate a soft, ambient glow that elevates any room's aesthetic, creating a space that feels both modern and inviting.

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Nickel Pendant Lights

Chrome, Silver, & Nickel Pendant Lights

Nickel pendant lights serve as the jewel of any room, casting an elegant light that complements both modern and traditional decor. Their silver finish adds a touch of sophistication and versatility, making them a popular choice for designers and homeowners alike. Whether suspended above a sleek kitchen island, illuminating a cozy reading corner, or adding a warm ambiance to a dining room, these lights provide not just illumination but also an element of design sophistication. With their sleek chrome accents and subtle gleam, nickel pendants are perfect for creating a focal point or enhancing the existing charm of your space.

Who doesn't love shiny things? Their timeless elegance combined with modern appeal makes them versatile for various spaces, providing both functionality and style.

Absolutely. Nickel's durable finish makes it suitable for areas with higher humidity and damp locations, however our lights are not rated for outdoor use.

All of our lights include LED bulbs with a soft white color temperature. Consult the product page for more information about the specific bulb type & brightness.

Dust regularly with a soft cloth. Avoid chemical cleaners when possible. You can occassionally use a polishing clothe, but we find it's not necessary if you dust the piece regularly.

Yes, when paired with a compatible dimmable bulb and dimmer switch, you can adjust the lighting to suit any mood or time of day. The bulbs we include are all dimmable.

Consider the area you're lighting and the scale of nearby furnishings. And if you need something larger, considering clustering multiple pendants to create more of a focal point.

There's no perfect answer as it really depends on the space. Generally consider 30-36 inches above a table or counter surface - and adjust per the requirements of your space & ceiling heights.

No. Our pendants come with either down stems or cords. The length of the downstem needs to be determined at the time you place your order. With lights with a cord suspension, once you install them you will only be able to adjust them to make them higher.

Customization Options

Our passion is creating lighting that perfectly matches your style and space. From subtle adjustments to our nickel pendant lights to fully custom designs, let's make your lighting vision come to life.